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2/9 flinty adjective ˈflin-tē

: not soft or gentle in manner or appearance : having a very serious quality or manner

zed (zɛd) n 1. (Phonetics & Phonology) the British spoken form of the letter z. US word: zee [C15: from Old French zede, via Late Latin from Greek zēta]

1/5/14 e·met·ic iˈmetik/ adjective adjective: emetic
  1. 1. (of a substance) causing vomiting.
    • informal nauseating or revolting. "that emetic music in department stores"
noun noun: emetic; plural noun: emetics
  1. 1. a medicine or other substance that causes vomiting.
droll  (drl) adj. droll·er, droll·est Amusingly odd or whimsically comical. n. Archaic A buffoon.   cre·tin ˈkrētn/ noun noun: cretin; plural noun: cretins
  1. 1. a stupid person (used as a general term of abuse).
    • Medicinedated a person who is deformed and mentally handicapped because of congenital thyroid deficiency.
Origin goo·ber

noun: goober pea; plural noun: goober peas; noun: goober; plural noun: goobers
  1. 1.

    a peanut.



spall spôl/ verb 3rd person present: spalls
  1. 1. break (ore, rock, stone, or concrete) into smaller pieces, esp. in preparation for sorting.
    • (of ore, rock, or stone) break off in fragments. "cracks below the surface cause slabs of material to spall off"
noun plural noun: spalls 1. a splinter or chip, esp. of rock.


:  a loud overbearing woman : termagant


:  a woman of great stature, strength, and courage


9/24 made up words


9/10 already the middle of Sept

ort  morsel left at a meal

cay kē,kā/ noun noun: cay; plural noun: cays
  1. 1. a low bank or reef of coral, rock, or sand.


9/6 66 degrees probably will get and stay cool now

no more nice warm days


9/5 66 degrees
high 88 probably last nice high of year

walked beach been open probably since mid August

sun comes up way too late

spending time doing dumb homework for social psych rather than listening to lectures

will have to go back to listening later

mid 1800 intellectual theory is presented in a complicated manner so I also don't listen to lectures to do homework first

something to look forward to later listening to lectures

pagoda a tower in eastern Asia usually with roofs curving upward at the division of each of several stories and erected as a temple or memorial.

pule . Origin of PULE. probably imitative. First Known Use: 1534. Related to PULE. Synonyms: bleat, mewl, whimper


9/2 75 degrees sunrise 6:24  loosing sun every day

ur·bane ˌərˈbān/ adjective adjective: urbane 1. (of a person, esp. a man) suave, courteous, and refined in manner.



they gave spiders drugs and then looked at the types of webs they built.
cockeyed webs
look at the non existent web with caffeine.



verb: inure; 3rd person present: inures; past tense: inured; past participle: inured; gerund or present participle: inuring

  1. accustom (someone) to something, esp. something unpleasant.

    "these children have been inured to violence"

    "they had become inured to poverty"
  2. Law

    come into operation; take effect.

      "a release given to one of two joint contractors inures to the benefit of both"
  8. ankhs  cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top, especially as used in ancient Egypt as a symbol of life. Also called ansate cross.


cloudy all day yesterday

Definition of COIR. : a stiff coarse fiber from the outer husk of a coconut

slalom skiing in a zigzag or wavy course between upright obstacles (as flags). 2. : a timed race (as on skis or in an automobile or kayak) over a winding or zigzag course


8/27 73 degrees and I woke up freezing getting another blanket

fey  : marked by a foreboding of death or calamity. 2. a : able to see into the future : visionary. b : marked by an otherworldly air or attitude. c : crazy, touched.


8/26 55 degrees time for heat

ret To moisten or soak (flax, for example) in order to soften and separate the fibers by partial rotting. v.intr. To become so moistened or soaked.

cor·don ˈkôrdn noun noun: cordon; plural noun: cordons
  1. 1. a line or circle of police, soldiers, or guards preventing access to or from an area or building. "troops threw a cordon around the headquarters"    
  2. 2. an ornamental cord or braid.
  3. 3. Architecture  
verb verb: cordon; 3rd person present: cordons; past tense: cordoned; past participle: cordoned; gerund or present participle: cordoning 1. prevent access to or from (an area or building) by surrounding it with police or other guards. "the city center was cordoned off after fires were discovered in two stores" synonyms: close off, shut off, seal off, fence off, separate off

sally    an action of rushing or bursting forth; especially : a sortie of troops from a defensive position to attack the enemy. 2. a : a brief outbreak : outburst. b : a witty


8/24 72 degrees rain again last night
everything should be moldy
finished paper on Rousseau and Marx
eyebrow scaping for children
Someone who works 40 hours per week from age 18 to age 65 will have spent approximately 14% of their life working, or almost 11 years of their life. Of course many people also work a lot more than 40 hours per week,

sa·li·ent ˈsālyənt-lēənt adjective adjective: salient 1. most noticeable or important.

As an Indian proverb puts it, “There is nothing noble in being superior to some other person. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”

Many people confuse self-efficacy with self-esteem. If you believe you can do something, that’s self-efficacy. If you like yourself overall, that’s self-esteem. When you were a child, your parents may have encouraged you by saying things such as “You’re special!” (intended to build self-esteem) or “I know you can do it!” (intended to build self-efficacy). One study showed that self-efficacy feedback (“You tried really hard”) led to better performance than self-esteem feedback (“You’re really smart”). Children told they were smart were afraid to try again—maybe they wouldn’t look so smart next time. Those praised for working hard, however, knew they could exert more effort again (Mueller & Dweck, 1998). If you want to encour- age someone, focus on their self-efficacy, not their self-esteem.


8/23 75 degrees

writing a paper on historical progress

praise (a person or their achievements) highly, esp. in a public context. "the obituary lauded him as a great statesman and soldier"


8/22  72 degrees woken by thunderstorms in the night actual high 8onderful day but forecasters called for rain all day so id not go to beach (no rain) except at 3 am

getting dark earlier

spent at least 8 hours three on the phone trying to set up this new account (still worried since it is in Chicago (gangsters)

stymie  frustrated
to present an obstacle to : stand in the way of . Examples of STYMIE. Progress on the project has been stymied by lack of money.


8/21 72 degrees

thinking and rethinking about everything that is wrong with my life

did art and asked the group how much thy would pay for it and they said $15 wich is less than the materials and I worked 2 months on the project

worthless art


8/20 cool 75 actual high 82

frustrated with my lack knowledge with the computer

White-bearded wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus albojubatus).—Leonard Lee Rue III. Either of two species of African antelope (genus Connochaetes).

davit a crane that projects over the side of a ship or a hatchway and is used especially for boats, anchors, or cargo.


8/19 66 degrees time to get the heater out

routinely now don't talk to anyone 3 days in a row

quite  lonelt

think about the people who did not want to live with me that went on to have long term relationships
  but not me


8/18 72 degrees threatened rain all day yesterday but produced today actual high 72  rain on and off day and night even though weayher reprts kept saying clearing in afternoon
still unseasonably cool

one sip of coffee and I have to rush to the bathroom
might as well make the coffee and just automatically head to the bathroom

pondering about moving in 10 years

de·scry   /diˈskrī/ Verb Catch sight of.   Synonyms espy - discern - sight - perceive - behold - detect - see


8/15 57 degrees cold all night did not sleep Canadian air here

eating meat is not helping me loose weight but it does contribute to cholesterol and heart disease

so when I finish this bout I will revert to my old ways

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